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Through the looking glass; viewing your city through someone else’s lens

‘Discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes’ –

Marcel Proust

We’ve all been a stranger in an unfamiliar city. Looking up tiny lanes and streets. Curiously meandering through shops. Finding unique cafes and bars and trying local food specialities.

But have you ever been curious about your own city? Have you ever driven past a hole-in- the-wall restaurant and stopped, just because it looked interesting?

Have you walked the streets at night and looked through warmly lit windows, wondering what life was like for that family? Do you pass people on the street and wonder how they got such great hair?

This is why OpenOut was imagined

Because a city is nothing without its people. And you can’t get to truly know the city without knowing the people. Ask any traveller what the best part of travel is. The food might be amazing, the architecture fabulous, but it’s the people that make travel exceptional (it’s definitely not the time spent in airports, that’s for sure!).

The best nights ever are those random ones where you’re not expecting anything. You somehow end up in a deep conversation til late, or dancing until your knees stop working, or playing Cards Against Humanity until your stomach hurts from laughing. And suddenly you find yourself at Empire eating kebabs with someone at 2am who was a complete stranger 24 hours ago.

People’s experiences lead to their perspectives

Have you ever looked at your city through someone else’s eyes? Through a tourist’s eyes, overwhelmed, confused, and excited? A businesswoman, a father, a student, they all have different perspectives, no less valid than anyone else’s.

The way to change your surroundings isn’t to change what you’re looking at, but change HOW you’re looking at it. By meeting people outside your social circle, you open yourself to new perspectives. You may meet someone else with the same passion for fridge magnet collections as you. You might end up having a grand adventure, laughing and joking into the small hours of the morning.

Do you want to see your city differently?

In your city, there are so many people you haven’t met. There are entire networks of artists, performers, sport enthusiasts, foodies, and readers, and you don’t even know they exist.

Join OpenOut and experience something different. Have fun. Meet amazing people and see your city with fresh new eyes.