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Hosts of OpenOut II Rukhsana: The Food Magician II

The chef who didn’t like cooking; Rukhsana’s tale, from Bombay to bohri thaal

Rukhsana has one golden rule of cooking. You have to cook when you’re happy. Your dishes come from your heart, so a happy heart means delicious food.

With an attitude like that, is it any wonder that Rukhsana’s Bori Thaal experience is so delectable?

Although she grew up in Mumbai, Rukhsana has had a geographically diverse life. After living in Riyadh, she lived in Oman for a few years, before settling in Bangalore.

She has a 21 year old daughter and a 13 year old son, as well as a supportive husband.

The journey to her love of food 

Cooking was never something she enjoyed. In fact, she says that her Mom had to force her to go to cooking classes for a year!

Her Mom was determined that Rukhsana was going to be independent and this was part of the plan. It wasn’t until after she married that she began to appreciate preparing food.

Rukhsana and her husband enjoyed hosting parties, and it was from there her passion for food developed. Her skills are gleaned from watching others, and curiosity about how dishes are created.

She may have inherited this from her Grandmother, who was a great cook, and whose traditional recipes Rukhsana still uses today.

Where passion for cooking meets a love of people 

When her daughter left home to study, Rukhsana suddenly found herself with time to spare.

Rather than being sad, she decided to achieve something with her time. Sometimes, it’s the people around us who know us better than we know ourselves. Gigi, Rukhsana’s best friend & her co-host in most of the experiences, introduced her to OpenOut. With her encouragement and motivation, she is the main reason behind Rukhsana’s success.

Her bohri thaal evenings require time and organisation. She starts the day before, marinating the mutton to deeply infuse the masala. She also prepares as much as possible in advance so that on the day, she can do what she enjoys most about OpenOut’s- talk to her guests.

She also hosts fantastic eid and ifthar OpenOuts which she calls as the Shahi Dastarkhan

She loves meeting different people, and connecting with and learning about others while sharing food.

So, if you have the great pleasure of attending one of her experiences, what can you expect?

Amazing food. Warm hospitality. And the genuine enjoyment of your host, who finds it a honour to host her guests, from near and far.