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He came. He saw. He was like, “Kya mast concept hai yaar!”. Meet Jay.

"Hi, thanks for the heads up. Could you give me a day to confirm? Also, could you send me the proper address as I am planning on inviting another friend too. Thanks!"

"Just wanted to ask one more thing.. is there a criteria for inviting guests though it doesn't feel like hence the question.

"If I may ask, how many folks have registered already?"

"So what's the poa? We just land up at her place by 1?"

"This is my first time so apologies for any noob questions."

And that is how we first met the - Biker. Metalhead. Geek. Pun Gent. Anime & Desi Hip-Hop fan -  Jayakrishnan, an year ago.

Jay has come to more than 15 OpenOuts post that. So there must have been something done right, we guess.

"I remember my first OpenOut very distinctly. It was Tara's Beer + BBQ OpenOut and it was AH-MAY-ZING! Being a meat & beer lover, it was the perfect experience I could have asked for. It was a small group that day but a fun one. The sweet hosts and the impromptu jam session made it a special one for me.", mentions Jay.

Going to a new person’s house for the first time can be quite intimidating, a sentiment also echoed by Shilpa, our guest who was profiled earlier. But peoples’ notions can, and do change.

"Generally in life, I don't like having expectations or pre-conceived notions about things/people/situations because if those don't match up in the end, then it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth (pun intended).


"I saw OpenOut as a beautiful way of connecting with like-minded people over 2 things that I really love - food & beer. And it has been that way for the 15 odd OpenOuts I have attended."

Yes, 15! Sometimes, we feel that he has (and will) attend more OpenOuts than the team itself. 

Apart from being a regular guest, Jay has been our constant critique too! Being an avid Social Media user (the one person you know whose tweets celebs retweet), he gives up a heads up instantly if we are overdoing a boomerang on Instagram or something.

If he had to pick one OpenOut that he really loved, apart from his first one, it would be Sid & Aaisang's.

There is much more to an OpenOut than the food, art or entertainment experience which is on offer, he mentions.

"In Sid & Aaisang’s OpenOut, the guests & the hosts connected with each other SO well and so quickly, that it just clicked! And we ended up having lots of fun." recalls Jay.

If you have been reading about OpenOut for a while and have always wondered "why would anyone go to a stranger's home?" then Jay turns on his brand ambassador mode and gives you three strong reasons.

1.     An opportunity to connect with great hosts & be a part of their lovely homes for a while

2.     Devour some lip-smacking homemade food

3.     And connect with some really interesting people from different walks of life, who'll end up being friends after a few OpenOuts

We asked him whether there was any specific OpenOut that he wanted to see/be a part of, and this is what he said -

"One of the reasons I love OpenOut is because I get to try out some eclectic stuff - in terms of food and experiences. For example, Hajira's recent Gol Gappa one was pretty crazy."

"Having said that and having attended so MANY OpenOuts, I would want to see someone throw a biking related OpenOut or a rock/metal one - two things I really love."

A city is so much more than just things to do and places to go. There are so many interesting people who could add a new dimension to the city you have always known.

Jay has been one such guest we have had the fortune to meet!

Cheers to his 15 OpenOuts and many more to come.

Meet interesting people like Jay and more at an OpenOut near you.

See you soon?