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What does your future look like?

A creative director at the Coffee day group, a fashion stylist with an interesting passion - The Tarot. 

Everyone, say hello, to Kadamabari.

OpenOut is all about the people. Everyone brings in so much color and when all of them get together, it is indeed a beautiful experience, that you ought to be a part of.

Our destinies crossed in Bangalore, so let's see what got Kadambari to the garden city.

A half Oriya and a half Gujarati, Kadamabari was raised in Pune.  She did her boarding school in Andhra & college in Ahmedabad. Cross country dash did not stop there. She went on to work in Delhi and now in Bangalore,for the last 4 years. Quite a journey, we say!

Her interest in understanding people reflects keenly in her interest towards psychology, anthropology and yes, learning languages too.

"A Tarot reader. many years ago. helped me make certain good decisions. Since then I've been curious. Some years ago while working on my computer, I gravitated towards Tarot. It started with listening to podcasts, reading and one day I ordered my first Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck from Amazon. And I was hooked!"

Tarot has fascinated many people. 

Infact our guests were the first ones to suggest that they would love to have a Tarot experience since that's something  you don't end up doing every week or are unsure of and ofcourse it is mystery, fun and anticiaption too!

Having heard about OpenOut and loving what we did, Kadambari was all too happy to open up her home for her first set of home tarot experiences.

So what can people expect at a tarot experience at her beautiful home?

"Come with curiosity! And don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm figuring this whole thing out myself too! Expect conversations that go beyond small talk. People sometimes open up in these sessions. I've always seen a high level of trust and empathy within the group when this happens"

She adds  "The one thing to know about Tarot is that it's your intuition telling you something. I'm there to interpret"

Guests at her OpenOut recall the experience vividly.

"Kadambari's passion for Tarot is quite awesome. She speaks about it as if she's had a deep firsthand experience with the subject, although believe it or not she's self taught."

Another guest adds " I was a bit apprehensive when I booked it, but wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something different; turns out it was one of the most personal and fun experiences I have had. Definitely recommend it!"

..and she loves Berlin. "It's full of street art, museums and ex-Nazi bunkers that have been converted into art galleries, night clubs, et al. What a great city!" 

One of her crazy experience in travel was when she had Fried grasshoppers in Mexico! 

"They were spicy and weird. I'm vegetarian now" 

Having hosted few of the tarot experiences, Kadambari mentions that she would love to go to an OpenOut about Indian textiles.

What are you waiting for? Jump in, do something interesting, do something unique and yes meet new people too!