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From a guest to a host and more - Neelakshi's Journey with OpenOut

#GuestbecomesHost is one of our favourite Hashtags.

When guests come again and again to OpenOut, we feel happy and know that we have done something right. When they turn into hosts we are literally elated!

Our last few #GuestbecomesHost have been Sanjeetha, Aaisang & Sid, Madhavi, Shilpa and now, Neelakshi.

..and guess what, she did not require a few OpenOuts to make her mind. 

One was enough! 

“My first OpenOut experience was as a guest at Aaisang’s home for Assamese cuisine at electronic city. Obviously, I wanted to first find out how this whole process works. And trust me, I was very excited to meet Aaisang and her husband Siddharth. We bonded really well and post that too we are in contact and take time to meet up!! 

So Thank you OpenOut for giving me another friend in Bangalore!!”

“It was like a path breaking experience for me. When I first saw OpenOut page in Facebook, it immediately caught my attention because of the concept of getting to know new people by hosting experiences at home.” recalls Neelakshi.

“ I love to host my friends and family, so why not host a set of like minded people with whom we can bond really quick and the bond stays forever!!”

Neelakshi adds that one must attend OpenOuts and not worry about stepping into a home or meeting new people. You will really like it in a few moments you enter an experience, is her message for everyone who is thinking about joining one.

There is obviously more to an OpenOut than food, arts or entertainment. A lot of it is also the people and the like minded ones you meet.

So why not do a Super OpenOut?

Neelakshi wants to see an OpenOut where OpenOut is the host and it has all the guests and hosts of OpenOut meet at one common place. That is going to be some experience for sure!