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Guests of OpenOut II Shireesh - Out of your comfort zone!


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

This aptly sums up the experience of attending my first OpenOut which I never thought of putting myself in.

A group of strangers meeting with each other at a stranger's house seemed like something I will be miles away from. But the experience that started with the simple handshake and smile by the host, Nita was a premonition to something good." 

The food was great, the people amazing and the conversations that we had were a joy.  I think I actually made real friends there and now we frequently meet to hang out for a beer or two. 

The OpenOut experience provides a fresh perspective of looking at the city through its hosts and guests and that's the best part. You feel that you know more about the city you live in, the diverse cultures of the people living in the same city along with you. And a lot more passionate stories that inspire you from all walks of life.

I recommend OpenOut to anyone who is tired of the done and dusted restaurant and pub scene to go and build real connections.