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OpenOut now in Bangalore, Bombay, Pune & More

Yes, we are expanding and it’s all because of you.

What started as a whatsapp & FB group soon became a weekly phenomenon in a lot of our lives and it’s been beautiful to see the magic of meeting new people.

Amazing hosts opening up their wonderful homes and more importantly, sharing their passion with many like-minded people has truly been a new way of exploring a city.

We have already started getting lots of host requests from other cities and yes, we are soon in places outside Bangalore too!

We are excited to open up Bombay, Pune, Delhi and soon in Goa too. What makes this journey special is that lots of passionate people are now finding OpenOut as a great way to do things that they love and that too, at-home!

These home hosted social experiences could be around               food, music, movies, entertainment, live gigs, storytelling sessions, poetry – whatever your passion is, there is a place for it – your home and a platform for it – OpenOut.

Feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] or [email protected]

And don’t forget to share this news with friends, families and everyone you might know.

See you soon at a home near you ;)