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Stepping out of a home and stepping into one

Let's go out? What plans for the weekend? Let's do something new today..

New things to do. New everything.

We are always on the lookout for new things, aren't we? New restaurant in town. The new dish in the menu.

How about new people? 

People make so much of a difference too. As humans, we love shared experiences and most of your favorite moments you would recall would be attached to a person or a group of like-minded individuals you would have done it with.

How about totally new experiences ?

and that is what we love at OpenOut too. Shared experiences, shared stories, shared conversations, meeting new people, discovering unique things and what better way to do it, than stepping into a home?

Imagine .....

when the city you live in is no longer limited with things to do at listed and commercial places. Every home might become the connect to a new unexplored experience, culture and a place where you can meet a bunch of like minded people.

Not sure, yet?

..and yes, we know stepping into a new home, for the first time, might be a little intimidating for most of us. What will I do? What will I speak about? What am I supposed to do after reaching there? 

But haven't the best of experiences been when your heart has raced a little bit before doing it? and you look back and tell "Hey! That was fun, should do it again"

Meet interesting people, make new friends

It is often not surprising, that people find common connections with people around, within the first ten minutes. It might be common love for biking or trekking or the same place as one your friend is from or sometimes even the same gym (Yes, that happened! Once we had 4 people from the same gym turn up at an OpenOut and none knew each other before)

So yes, this weekend, when you step out of your home, try stepping into one with OpenOut.