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To Good-byes, Meet-agains and Welcoming Home - Meet Deepthi

“Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”  - Richard Bach, Illusions

An OpenOut that was just here

Deepthi loves meeting new people and stumbled across OpenOut when she was googling and thought it would be a great way to meet new people. Soon they, Deepthi and her husband, Shane, checked out Amruta's OpenOut, paid for it and voila, little did they know that the hosts were a street away from where they stay. 

A fun OpenOut which, Deepthi recalls as an "easy going evening, where everyone got along really well." And soon the good-byes and farewell led to them meeting again with the hosts, Amruta and Arvin, and they continue to be good friends who catch up, often. 

A beautiful incident that keeps us motivated to fuel OpenOut, more and more.

Similarities don't end there. Just like how Amruta, was a guest with us and turned into a host, now it is Deepthi & her husband, Shane's turn to say 'Welcome Home'.

Hyderabad to Bengaluru

Deepthi was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Lived most of her life there and have been living in Bangalore for the past 4+ years. She works in an L&D firm as a content specialist and a classroom facilitator and Shane works as a buyer for Reliance. Her sister is in U.S and her parents continue to stay in Hyderabad.

The Father's Day Surprise

Talking about sister and parents, she has a story that is etched in her mind about her first tryst with cooking.

She recalls how it all began, "When my sister and I were young, we tried to make my dad a home cooked meal for father's day. It was disastrous and we burnt everything. And we felt so bad that we sat and cried. My dad felt so bad for us that he took us to eat the biggest ice cream we've ever had - called Titanic!" 

Cooking gets serious

In fact, she confesses that she never used to enjoy cooking nor was she much of a help to her mother, in the kitchen. But sometimes necessity is the mother of invention and she got interested in it, once she got married and wanted to make healthy food interesting, not only to survive but also since Shane, who was living with bachelors got tired of eating out and both started cooking,

"Now, both of us enjoy our time in the kitchen and make very different things." says Deepthi.

Our Home

A quaint home with lot of ventilation and breeze, you will see a lot of plants - mustard, palak, basil and more around and what you will not miss out are the beautiful DIY articles, which both try their hands on. Wall decor, cushion covers and curtains. Deepthi also loves to sketch, read and write. 

Illusions by Richard Bach is her all-time favourite book, which she summarizes as "philosophy in a digestible format."

The Goan Highway and why you should get on to that

Her upcoming experience is to give you a taste of Goa, where her husband is from and while she is nervous hosting her first OpenOut she adds that "Our place is comfy and expect an informal evening around interesting people, conversations - travel, art, music and of-course food."

"We managed to get a lot of the ingredients from Goa and are really looking forward to hosting this authentic Goan experience."  

Kings beer, Sangria, Kokum juice, Goan sausages, Pork vindaloo, Chicken cafreal and so much more! Join us here - Deepthi's Goan Highway OpenOut

See you there!