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Member since: Mar 11 2018
About Arjun:
Instructional Designer by profession. I'm usually out of Bengaluru, with my camera, on weekends. On the ones I'm there, I like to OpenOut.
What do you do?
Manipal Global Education, Instructional Design Manager
What are your interests?
Photography, Travel
How long have you been in your current city?
Kolkata. Bengaluru for 8 years
Profile completion
status is 100%
Outs attended so far:
An Anglo Indian Nostalgia
Rukhsana's Bakri Eid Special Bohri Thaal
Authentic Andhra Dinner with the Twinsters
The Super Food Party
Okhomiya Akhaaj!! An Assamese Luncheon :)
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What other community members have to tell
Arjun is a fun guest. He's really interested in the food aspect and was happy to check out my dishes.
You have been a good guest .A great foodie.
Arjun was a super open and a friendly guest.