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Member since: Jun 10 2018
What do you do?
I am a keto cook, keto counselor. My enterprise is called The Ketophile. I am an author, actor, singer. I am also the founder and creator of DeBox, a philosophy that teaches you to destroy the mental boxes. I also have created DeBox DeToks a platform where you share your true inspirational journey from your life of how you overcame the challenges that you might have faced.
What are your interests?
Reading, singing, acting, writing, meeting new people, spreading the knowledge and benefits of the keto diet, sharing real life stories
How long have you been in your current city?
I am originally from Chennai. Lived most of oy life in Bengaluru and have been in Mumbai for quite a number of years now
Profile completion
status is 80%
Opens hosted so far:
Debunking Keto Myths
All about Keto
The Keto Valentine
What other community members have to tell
Cheelu is a great cook and her food was very healthy and nutritious.
Great food and more importantly, very friendly host. I told her I will come again. Ariindam