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Member since: Jun 11 2018
About Arunima:
A coder by profession, and a food enthusiast by all other means! I absolutely love cooking and travelling and have tried to stitch up both my hobbies in my food blog : https://stufficookup.wordpress.com/ - Travelling the world through food!
What do you do?
A coder by profession, and a food enthusiast by all other means. Not a lot of people understand how healing and therapeutic cooking can be. It is probably the only hobby which excites all your senses. You can  see the vibrant colors. Smell the divine aroma. Feel the different textures. Hear the crackles and splutters and most importantly taste your creation! Traveling the world through its cuisines motivates my love for food even more. Check out my blog : https://stufficookup.wordpress.com/ for awesome recipes from around the world.
What are your interests?
Travelling, Painting, Photography, Cooking and trying out new experiences
How long have you been in your current city?
Originally From Calcutta, living in Bangalore for nearly 6 years now :)
Profile completion
status is 100%
Opens hosted so far:
A Tribute to Bourdain : First Stop - Turkey
A Tribute to Bourdain : Philippines
Tribute to Bourdain : Brazil
What other community members have to tell
Arunima is a true food enthusiast and entertainer! Her first OpenOut was a perfectly curated evening of food and stories, spun around our mutual love for Anthony Bourdain and his many travelogues. You can see her love for cooking and sharing truly reflect in the food, both the quality and quantity were absolutely top-notch! Haven't tasted kebabs that good in a long time and I'd love to come back for more. If this is just the first, I'm truly excited for the next ones to come! Thanks for a lovely evening, Cheers!
“I was afraid not to look like an idiot” - Bourdian’s words - My feeling when I decided to eat dinner with some strangers. Bangalore has always surprised me and it did it this time as well. Arunima nailed it! From creating an ambience that was Bourdain inspired to food that was soul filling to an experience that can be cherished - It was everything one wants from a fun evening - and guess what it was with people who I had never met before! Open Out is an experience to live. I am here for more. Bring it on!!!
What a joy to see Arunima pour all her heart and soul into curating this amazing gastronomic journey to Philippines for all her guests! Exceptional food matched with an equally warm ambience helped create a memorable evening for everyone.
This Open Out exceeded the expectations, thanks to the gracious and caring host Arunima. She remembered everyone's name and introduced all when each guest stepped in. Binatog was one of the best foods that I recently tasted. She did prove herself to be a food enthusiast as described in bio! Apart from the food, the evening was made fabulous with the stories and experience from different culture and corners of the world. Let there be more culinary adventures! Waiting for the Brazilian experience next.
Warm company, a home filled with love and laughter, food that leaves you wanting to carry home a doggy bag, that I shamelessly asked ;) - cocktails that make you want to steal the recipe and naughty stories shared that ran late into the night; if I could describe and sum up what turned out to me a perfect end to a busy week, this would be it. Thank you Arunima for a great experience. Definitely coming back for more.
Delicious Food by Arunima! Me being a vegetarian, she made sure i had enough to eat and stuck with the theme at the same time. What a lovely bunch of people i met that night! Thank you Arunima for being such a amazing host
I have attended all the three stops for Tribute to Bourdain - Turkey, Philippines and Brazil by Arunima. And I must say she never ceases to amaze me! You can see the meticulous care and research she has put in hosting these experiences from the food to the decorations. I especially love it when she explains the dishes and gives out those thank you notes at the end. Keep up the good work Arunima!
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