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Member since: Dec 11 2018
About Natasha:
I'm a third generation Bombayite. Bombay is where home and the heart will always be. My roots are from the coastal belt and that's the cuisine I grew up eating at home. As much as I love food, I love cooking and consider it as the best medium to express myself. I have been cooking for more than two decades and through OpenOut's I hope to tell stories rooted around Bombay and the coast.
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Opens hosted so far:
The Great Coastal Celebration
The Bombay Lunchbox
Goan Susegad Sunday
Travel Friday - Tour de France
Crazy about Crabs
What other community members have to tell
This is my first open out experience which was truly amazing. Natasha is an awesome cook. Guys trust me she can make the best Christmas cake in town . All the dish was cooked to perfection especially the prawn curry, it was yummy. Hope to see her participating in MasterChef. Got to meet some Iovely people . Forget about going to pubs on a weekend and start hunting for the next open out experience.
Absolutely amazing food and homely ambience. It felt like I was at home. Natasha and her mom were absolutely wonderful. So very hospitable and kind. The sweetest people I have met. The food was in every essence wonderful. From the appetizers to the desserts, each having its one unique flavour. If anyone ever wants to taste authenticity and rekindle your taste buds you should try Natasha's cooking. Looking forward to eat Natasha's cooking again.
Natasha and her mom were delightful hosts. The food was amazing. Loved everything. The view from the apartment was spectacular. The people I met were so fun and jovial. It was a great experience. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Cesar Chavez once said "If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart." This is what you experience when you visit Natasha's home. Selection of dishes represented the true Mumbai cuisine. I got the opportunity to taste authentic vada pav just like how you get on the streets of Mumbai. I couldn't believe that Natasha actually bought the pav from one of the famous bakery in Mumbai. Natasha is an amazing host along with her mother and not to forget the dog. I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time .
Loved the Bombay Lunch box experience in Bangalore, what else to ask for - it was perfect sat noon to wind up with kokum drink and Bombay "Authentic" vadapav + main course meal. Natasha and Aunty were so warm and welcomed us with too much food. Lyca (their pet) was the star, she is adorable. Experience"guaranteed to delight" for every food lover.
This was a runway hit: Starting with the refreshing kokum-tini and ending with the macaroons straight from Mumbai and packed the night before. The experience was accentuated by Natasha's enthusiastic narration of the history of, or an anecdote behind, each dish. The revived Agara Lake looks pretty from the road; it inspires awe from the eleventh floor.
A warm host, interesting company from very different walks of life, fun tales of travel, and above all, a delectable spread: my first experience with Open Out was memorable in more ways than one. Thank you, Natasha, for being such a good host. Totally blown by your culinary skills! The Hachis Parmentier and the Baba Au Rhum stole the show.
This was one of the Fridays when, listening to the stories, you feel like setting sail, however, are too full to even make a move out after dinner. The host, Natasha's vivacity and passion behind explaining each item on the menu, added to the experience, which was already made exciting by anecdotes from Paris to Uzbekistan, Mumbai to Myanmar.
There's nothing called a typically Mumbai cusine, because the Maximum City is a conglomeration of cultures, is what our gracious host, Natasha proclaimed. What followed was a riot of diverse taste and aroma, truly epitomising Mumbai, in a pleasant afternoon, perched up at the top of a tower overlooking restored lake adjacent to a busy road.
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