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The moment you step into an OpenOut experience you have become a part of a fun community which loves unique experiences and are open to meeting new people and create trust and spread love.
OpenOut experiences are always a fun place to hang around and people make it so.
Here are the things as guests and hosts on OpenOut you could take care to ensure it remains a trusted, fun and a happy place which you can call - home.
  • OpenOut sessions allow limited guests, therefore it is advised you plan / book your session in advance and avoid last minute rush.
  • Do reach on time. Not too early and not late.
  • Due to unavoidable reasons, if you are going to be really late, do let the host know as soon as possible so that other guests don’t wait for you to start.
  • It is advised to be clear about the location a night before. Details are sent to guests as soon as they block the seats.
  • Check the things you should know section of every OpenOut to see if it is pet friendly, kid friendly, if drinking or smoking is allowed etc.
  • Everybody loves a smile. So, remember to smile before you knock / ring the door bell. Share positive energy.
  • OpenOut is a relaxed and an easy-going community however as guests we should do everything to respect the privacy of hosts and have a sense of belonging. Do treat their home like how you would want someone else treat yours.
  • Do not enter any place that is closed or locked, ask for permissions in case you are curious.
  • If host’s miss out on indicating where the restrooms are, ask them
  • Ask them, if there is anything that they would want you to be aware of
  • Keep the place neat and clean
  • Respect the end time of an OpenOut, they have most likely put in a lot of effort for the last 2 days and need a well deserved break
  • Thank and appreciate hosts if you like what they did or anything worthwhile. We all like and love to be loved. The same goes for guests.
  • If there was something that irked you, do mention it to the host in person, in-case you are uncomfortable raise it on private feedback mode.
  • Share your stories, experiences and don’t feel shy. Of-course listening is a better skill when someone is already sharing their story.
  • Appreciate differences and have an open mind. It is best to not enter any long — winded arguments that do not add to the conversation or are getting personal. You can always politely disagree and move on.
  • We love it when you spread the word on OpenOut on social media etc, but be careful not to tag people you just met or the host etc without asking them.
  • You might want to continue the good time and decide to go somewhere outside after an OpenOut gets over but always keep in mind to not force anyone to accompany you.
  • And like in the movies, please check your belongings before you leave a host’s home.
  • Check a day or two in advance that you have everything to facilitate that OpenOut.
  • Keep your place neat and clean for the OpenOut Session before the guests arrive.
  • Make sure your phone is charged and is reachable the day before and on the day of OpenOut.
  • Plan in a way that you or someone who lives with you can personally welcome guests the moment they arrive. Guests feel at ease when the host is at the door with a smile.
  • Take the guests around your home and tell them something about the magnets you have collected or the painting on the wall or the wall-clock you picked up from greece. Whatever. It makes them feel at-home.
  • Also mention clear areas where they are supposed to go or private spaces which you do not want them to enter.
  • If you have indicated that you have pets, mention the name of pets, friendly or not and other relevant details to avoid anything that the guests did not plan for.
  • Introduce your co-hosts or any family members who are there, if they are there, at the OpenOut to the entire group.
  • While it is okay to have a friend or two help you out in hosting, avoid having a group.
  • If you think that the noise level might be high, inform your neighbors. We believe in making every place happy but not at the cost of discomfort to those around you.
  • Ensure that your security guards or watchmen are informed about the people who come so that they do not need to call you every time and ask for your permission.
  • Incase of child-friendly OpenOuts ensure that your place is child-proof. No sharp objects, no access to dangerous objects or unsafe areas like terrace with low fence etc
  • While there is no ‘dress-code’ there might be some experiences which you think would be incomplete without the dress-code, so do mention it in those cases to avoid last minute discussions over the same.
  • If you are hosting a food experience, make sure you have enough food for all the guests. It is better to cook slightly more than slightly less.
  • Do understand food & drink preferences based on health, religious and allergies and clearly state out the details that will leave ‘no-scope’ of misunderstanding.
  • Arrange for seating place for all the guests. Expect that all might want to sit at the same time. Try and avoid overcrowding guests at single location.
  • Surprise guests with something more, always. They love it. An impromptu music session with a guitar friend of yours, a quick game or things that are appropriate for your experience.
  • Always plan for music on the back-ground that eases guests into your experience.
  • Keep your UPS /batteries charged enough to run during an OpenOut session incase there is power failure. While we advise you to have a UPS in general, incase you do not clearly state it in the things you should know section.
  • Do not over-commit when you are writing down details while creating an experience. Giving guests anything short of what is mentioned is never an ideal OpenOut.
  • If there is any element of the experience that you could not present because of a valid reason, ensure that the guests know before hand. People understand. Try to surprise them with something else indeed.
  • Be open to any feedback or the suggestions that guests have. Receive them, collect and review if there is something you can do better next time.
  • Ensure that the OpenOut ends on time, especially if they are the evening ones. Guests understand that it is your personal space.
  • Share stories, insights and anything related to the experience, that you know people would remember.
  • As a host you should be absolutely ready at the start time of your OpenOut. Be clear about the maximum wait time after the start of an OpenOut in the description. Guests who have come early should not be wasting their time based on a couple of guests who are likely to turn up late.